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Jha-Rajaram Model: Arbitrary Hubris – A pEEp

” It was a sad day for Indian scholarship. “ – Iravatham Mahadevan – Why should someone as qualified as Iravatham Mahadevan make that remark? What is it that is so sad for Indian scholarship? I do not intend to go deep into the debate on the issue here but only make a peep wherein … Continue reading

M F Husain: Iconic Artist of Indic Legacy

” Nudity, in Hindu culture, is a metaphor for purity.   Would I insult that which I feel so close to ? ”  – Maqbool Fida Husain. Maqbool Fida Husain is no more. Lost in exile, M F Husain did not lose his inherited Indic memes as he was involved in the twin projects on … Continue reading

Birch Barks of Bakhshali

Way back around 800 CE, the Indic approach to computational insights was displayed on the birch barks with symbols representing arithmetical operations that foretells the algebraic equations of the modern times which prompted Indic scholar Frits Staal to quip that ‘the Indic approach to the exact sciences generally preferred computation to theory , and so … Continue reading

1| Ivan P.Minayev: Founder of Russian School of Indology.

“All-round study of ancient and modern India is one of the pressing necessities.” – Ivan P.Minayev – Ivan P.Minayev (1840-1890) is considered to be the founder of the Russian School of Indology who holds a unique ‘pride of place in the history of Russian Oriental studies. He devoted his entire life to the study of … Continue reading

Markov analysis and Indus script

Computation analysis is making a big difference in the attempt to decipher the enigmatic Indus script. But the effort to compute the pattern of Indus signs began with G R Hunter who hand-enumerated frequently occurring clusters of signs segmenting Indus texts into short ‘words’ of two or more signs. He began before the advent of … Continue reading

Indus Script: Grandma of Vedic Languages (?)

Is the language of the Indus inscriptions Pre-Vedic Sanskrit ? Dr Madhusudan Mishra of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan opines in his From Indus to Sanskrit that the language of the Indus inscriptions is the Grandmother of the Vedic language. He believes that the Indus language had passed through three stages – written at first with animal … Continue reading